KOENG -รุ่น OP-201T/430


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เครื่องวัดควันดำ ระบบทึบแสง KOENG OP-201T/430

 Real-time smoke measurement(%, k [m-1])
 Portable and LED display
 Outstanding accuracy, stability and durability
 Response time of 0.5 second
 Smoke, SOF measurement
 Easy to use with handheld terminal (option)
 Built-in printer (option)
 RS232 Interface
 Zero/ Span calibration function
 Follows ISO 11614 specifications

Measuring Items
Smoke opacity( %), Smoke Density(k) [m-1] )
RPM (option), °C (option)
Principle Light extinction method (Partial-flow sampling type)
Light Source Green LED (565nm)
Optical path length & Inside diameter Equivalent: 430mm, Inside diameter: 21mm
Detector Photodiode
Measurement Range 0.0~100.0% (0.00-21.42m-1)
Resolution 0.1%
Accuracy Less than ±2%
Warm-up time 7 minutes
Power supply 110/220VAC 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature -10~40°C
Dimensions 395(W) x 170(225)(D) x 260(440)(H) mm
Weight (net/gross) About 7kg / 11kg
Standard accessories Probe & Hose, Power/RS232 cable, Manual, Fuse

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